A Better Way to Dance

Friday, February 10, 2012


Only a couple of things first Class tonight at The Elk’s on 7th Ave starting at 6pm. Bring all your questions. (smile) Also here’s today’s practice routine for everyone:

Half Right Turn

Ladies is “Half Right Turn”, or “ A Push Pull Turn”, or “Bump turn”. All of these are the same thing, just called something different. In short the woman will go across on her 4. Men you should practice your “L Basic”.

And here’s what’s going on this weekend: Note that THIS Friday we’ll be at The Legion around 6pm, it’s our Friday there (smile)


Here’s something I found interesting as I hear it all the time:

Student: I went to the same dance class three or four times; what should I know by now?
Mistalocks: You definitely should know the location of the class and its start times! When it comes to learning the assimilation rate varies person to person; you must put effort into you retention by using a systematic method of note taking that fits your learning style. I Teach Dance! ~ Mistalocks

More about that listed below. As for now, Today we’re heading over to Michael’s Café on 7th Ave and Camelback from 6 to 8pm. It’s all steppin music for two hours from what I hear, and I believe it’s free to get in. Can’t beat that huh? (smile) And for those that love having their phone give them directions here’s the exact address: 5025 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013-2230

Now with that in mind, here’s some stats or goals you can work towards. These are not written in stone, but just guide markers used to gage where you are, or should be. Let’s not forget that this info is taking in account that you’re practicing at least 5 times a week.

0 to 1 Month – You should have learned your basics, the beat, and the count if necessary.

1 Month to 2 Months – You should start to learn to dance better on the balls of your feet, learned the concept of movement, movements and turns should be getting smoother.

2 Months to 3 Months – Your dance should be able to do all the turns single, double, triple, you should be focusing on style, and counting should be second nature, by this I mean you should know by now what each foot should be doing, and or going.

4 Months to 6 Months – You should be able to dance well enough for anyone, and with anyone. You should be able to handle or catch on to all the arm wraps, the twists, the movements without a 78, start to put your own little style into those steps without having to stop in the middle of the dance, or keep getting lost inside a turn. Remember these results reflect the effort you put in. If your efforts are minimal, then so are your results. Again, everyone learns at different rates, some of you will pick this up quickly, and some will have to put in some work.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Time Is It?

Good Afternoon Steppers,

Great effort from everyone last night, especially from those new students. Remember to stay off your heals (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) And if you’re having trouble with that, here’s a great idea: puts some small ROCKS in your shoes, that should take care of that. Oh you may have to tape them down so they stay up by the heels. (I’ll type this out from now on, because some people aren’t getting the smiley faces) (smile) that’s too funny--- Oh and use like masking tape or drafting tape it’s easier to remove.

Now on to the good stuff I know you’re excited about what’s on the practice menu today, drum roll please…. Wait wait wait, all at the same time this time “Drum roll please….” (yeah that’s it) Today for the Ladies: HALF TURN, and for the MEN: your normal basic (you in front of the woman stepping back on your 1) and doing a turn on 1 and back on count by the time you’re supposed to be on your left foot for 4. For these you can use ANY song, ladies to help you remember just what you’re doing you can count it like this 123, 4 step back, 78.

FYI Ms. Nicole Mattox should be back in town this weekend. Oh and BIG KUDOS! To Ms. Lisa and ms. Daphne. They were the only ones that walked the walk. They went out and did what we asked the ladies to do, and got a couple of people (men) because of it. A total of 4 new men. Great work ladies, keep it up. And if the rest of the ladies could do the same, can you just imagine how many MEN you’ll have to dance with? So let’s make it happen, it’s first Friday this Friday let’s repeat and get some more men. Oh and this will help you, for the next couple of weeks the NEW MEN will get in FREE. So they can see if they like it, and we’ll go from there. And the men that aren’t new—yeah you, get back to practicing. (smile) Don’t worry I’ll look out for you as well. And of course ladies your day is coming too, in the meantime get back to practicing. (smile)

Enjoy, and do the darn thing!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

In case you missed it, last night’s class was very informative to say the least. We had several question and answer periods, followed by application of said answers. Also, I was notified that the men here don’t lead the women all the way through their turns, so we worked on that too. And that’s today’s tip: Men you should lead the woman ALL the way through her turns, which means pushing her back on her 456 on those simple left, right, half turns, and half right turns. A question for the ladies: I was wondering can you do this – Cook dinner, talk on the phone, help the kids with their homework, listen to the radio all at the same time??

Saturday, October 22, 2011

This weekend

Good Afternoon Steppers,

Well here’s what’s going on this weekend: Today we’re heading over to Michael’s Café located at 5052 N. 7th Ave cross street are 7th Ave and Camelback. And it seems that they have gone UP on the price. It’s NOW $10 after 8pm, yep they’ve went up $5. So I’ll see you all BEFORE 8pm LOL. Hey I didn’t make the rules, or the system, but I sure can work the hell out of them. J But they will have live music a DJ playing our favorites, along with great food, and atmosphere. Happy hour free buffet from 4-6 pm.

Saturday head over to the American Legion for Tyrone’s birthday party starting at 8pm. Again it’s free before 8pm, you know I like free. LOL Good music, good fun, out of town guest steppers so let’s have some fun. 1624 E. Broadway on the corner of 16th street and Broadway--- but don’t quote me on that. J

Let’s all try to remember what you all practiced in class, and let’s put those moves to some good use this weekend.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What to do, What to do

Good Morning Steppers,

YES, that means you too! J For those forty or so new people we had last night. :-) Ladies, don’t forget to practice. Remember what Ms. Angie shown you, and make that work for you. And what I mean by that is, again take steps that are comfortable for you. Don’t take big steps, especially if you’re short. You can’t look cute and sexy taking huge steps that make you look dorky. ;-) Men, such a good job: all of you. Remember to practice your basics, as I said because with all the things you will have the woman doing, thinking about where your feet should go or be shouldn’t be your main focus. Think about that last drill where I had you dance with Ms. Lizz. Remember what it was like trying to remember when to cross, when to step back, when to pull her, AND trying to remember just the basic step for you? So let’s start by removing some of the things you have to think about, and the first would be YOUR basics. Once you get that down, I mean know it like you know your kids, then adding onto what you do in the dance will come much easier. Now for those that will practice at home with your partner, remember to have fun. You’re learning right now so don’t get mad at each other, that’s not part of the game. :-) And here’s something to help with the fun, break out that old video camera that you have up in the attic. You paid good money for that thing, now let’s use it. Tape yourself dancing, and then watch it, and see where you are, what you’re doing, and how to correct if need be. Oh and keep that footage like I did, so when you’re long past being a beginner you can look back at the tape, and have fun all over again.

Now if you want to get some practice in, tonight the steppers are going over to Michael’s Café on 7th Ave and Camelback. I heard it’s free before 8, but don’t quote me on that, this is Arizona. They could mean between 7:00 and 7:01pm :-) However the case, you’ll be able to see folks doing the Chicago Step, and get some practice in yourself. Oh and one last thing, NEVER worry about those sitting on the side watching you, because they WILL always be sitting on the side, until they come to YOUR class.

Now Get Ta Steppin`

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day in ATL

OMG! I’m still on a Steppin High from this past weekend in ATL. Let me start by saying Bround Bround Bround Bround---- Bra Bra Bround Bround Bround------ Blowin my mind------ Pretty Lady ------ Makes me feel good----- Like a Friday Yeah, I know you think I’m crazy, but I just can’t get that song out of my head. And neither could the few hundred people there. Man I had so much fun, I’m going back 2 or 3 more times before the end of this year. But coming up THIS weekend we have our very own Patricia Bell’s Birthday Party check out the info below, and we have The Equinox also on Saturday the 10. See the info below, or the attached flyers on that as well. It’s a lot of info to read, so if you know about it then you’re done here. Don’t forget to practice, and get ready for class, you know every time I go somewhere I come back with something.